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Ambassador's Vegan Ice Cream

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We bring your favorite Ambassador's Vegan ice cream to you so you can stay at home!

Pint:  473 mL

About Ambassador's Vegan Ice Cream

A new concept from the brains behind Go! Salads and Shoobie Sorbet, offering delicious, all-vegan scoops!

Flavor Description and Allergen Information

Flavor Description Allergen Information
Blueberry Cheesecake
A cashew nut-milk based ice cream flavored with coconut milk, natural blueberries, and sprinkled with vegan graham bits. You won’t believe this has no “cheese”. Cashews, Coconut Milk
Cookies & Cream
A combination of vanilla cashew milk and coconut milk mixed in with everyone’s favorite Oreos. It’s a classic flavor made vegan for all Cookies and Cream lovers! Cashews, Coconut Milk
Dark Matcha

Golden Milk with Vegan Cookie Dough Coconut milk ice cream lightly spiced with cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, and other spices (packed with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties) and topped off with vegan cookie dough bits. Soy, Gluten, Cinnamon, Coconut Milk
Horchata with Almonds Our take on the Spanish drink - coconut milk ice cream flavored with cinnamon, toasted brown rice and almonds. Almonds, Cinnamon
Malagos Mudpie We used 85% Malagos Dark Chocolate for this  vegan ice cream with Oreo Coffee Cashew Crumble!  Soy, Gluten Wheat
Mango Biscoff Coconut milk based ice cream flavored with real mangoes and mixed Biscoff crumbles, containing soy and wheat! Coconut milk, Soy, Wheat, Cinnamon
Peanut Butter Cookies & Cream Peanut Butter + Cookies and Cream? Peanut Butter Cookies and Cream Ice Cream is the perfect match for Oreo lovers. Peanuts, Soy, Gluten, Wheat
Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Dark Chocolate Bits. Peanut butter Ice Cream softened with crushed Dark Chocolate mixed in extra virgin olive oil. Peanuts
Pili Coffee Ice cream made with local pili nut milk, Colombian coffee and activated charcoal will give you your morning caffeine fix and calm your digestive system. Pili nut
Pili Whiskey This Pili nut ice cream is infused with whiskey and bananas caramelized with coco sugar. Lactose free and cholesterol free. Pili Nut
Strawberry Cheesecake A cashew nut-milk based ice cream flavored with coconut milk, natural strawberries and sprinkled with vegan graham bits. Cashews, Coconut Milk,
Tsokolate Tablea Cashew nut milk based ice cream flavored with roasted, ground nibs of fermented pure cacao beans. Cashews, Soy
Vanilla Mega Cookie A special collaboration flavor with Earth Desserts’ famous Mega Chocolate Chip Cookie and Vanilla Ice Cream.