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Fiorgelato Premium Gelato

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We bring your favorite Fiorgelato Premium Gelato to you so you can stay at home!

Pint: 475 mL

About Fiorgelato Premium Gelato

Established in 1989, Milkin Corporation is a Designer Ice Cream company that created tailor-made ice cream for restaurants, hotels, and food chains. In 1992, the company was also granted exclusive rights from Italy to manufacture and sell FIORGELATO "The Pure Italian Ice Cream" for the Philippine market.

FIORGELATO is considered the pioneer gelato brand in the country, with 150+ scooping stations locally and internationally. Now better than ever, FIORGELATO has launched its Premium Gelato Pint made from 100% fresh milk and authentic ingredients from Italy and other countries. Today, Milkin Corporation is still committed to produce nothing but the best Premium Quality Gelato. 

Flavor Description

Cappuccino Toblerone A signature Fiorgelato flavor. Luxuriously creamy cappuccino gelato mixed with chopped pieces of our favorite Toblerone Swiss Chocolates.
Ferrero The rich, chocolatey and nutty flavors of this gelato, makes it one of those creations that are dangerously delicious.
Fior Di Panna
Vanilla Bean Gelato is a perfect treat! The only way vanilla gelato should be made.
Formaggio (Cheese) Formaggio, as the Italians would say! Overwhelmingly cheesy in every scoop of gelato!!
Fragola  (Strawberry) Fragola as Italians would say! Famous among our Fruit/Flavored Gelatos, for its consistency and freshness. With real fresh chunks of strawberries too!
Gianduia (Chocolate and Hazelnut) The perfect combination of smooth & creamy Dark Chocolate & pure Hazelnut.
Menta (Mint) Fiorgelato's most requested flavor. Refreshing mint flavor with chocolate chips!
Monterosa (Bubblegum) Enjoy this iconic flavor with its faintly fruity concoction. Yes! Bubblegum is now in your gelato!
Nocciola (Hazelnut) An essential flavor at every Fiorgelato Italian gelateria, nocciola is a classic hazelnut gelato.
Pistachio The most sought after gelato flavor with its unique nutty taste. Made using only the finest roasted salted pistachio nuts. A must try!