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Gelato Manila

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We bring your favorite Gelato Manila to you so you can stay at home!

Pint: 473 mL

About Gelato Manila

Gelato Manila is a new frozen desserts business owned by chef-entrepreneur Zarah Manikan. Based in Laguna, it is a premium gelato brand that promotes local Philippine flavors, ingredients, and culture in its Gelato. Gelato Manila’s most outstanding characteristic is its unique flavor profile and smooth texture.

Flavor Description

VEGAN DARK CHOCOLATE  It’s a simple and pure gelato, made with only 4 core ingredients: local cacao, cocoa powder, sugar and water. Less is (definitely) more!
SUGAR FREE GREEN TEA LATTE Matcha power! Gluten free. Naturally sweetened using stevia. If you like Kitkat’s matcha flavored bars, you’re going to love this. Guilt free.
VEGAN PILI NUT CHOCOLATE Rich, nutty, crunchy and decadent. This gelato is plant based using 100% hand-squeezed nut milk freshly harvested from Pili Trees, mixed with chocolate and toasted Pili bits inside and on top! Inspired by Gianduja (hazelnut & milk chocolate) gelato.
CAFE MOCHA Thick and soft gelato with coffee, mocha and sprinkled with cocoa dust.
MALTED CHOCOLATE One of our most-loved creations. A thick, smooth, malty chocolate gelato recipe that inspires childhood memories of your favorite chocolate milk.
MINT CHIP Light and natural without any artificial coloring. Just the subtle, fresh taste and scent of peppermint herb, deliciously sprinkled with chocolate chips. 
PISTACHIO Sprinkled and topped with Sicilian pistachio nuts, this rich, dense and flavorful gelato is one of our most loved and requested pints.
POLVORONES Inspired by the well loved and timeless pasalubong treat! This new Gelato is made with a special milk base, layered with toasted Polvoron.
STRAWBERRIES & CREAM We don't use any artificial, overly sweet stuff- this is our fresh and light approach on the classic strawberry milkshake, this refreshing gelato is made with real, fresh Strawberries, milk and cream.
UBE Made with ube halaya from Calauan, Laguna. It’s a classic Filipino dessert deliciously churned into a fine, soft and creamy gelato.
VANILLA BEAN Made with real vanilla beans, sliced open and speckled on a freshly churned vanilla base, only few gelato flavors turn out as pure and clean as Vanilla Bean.