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Grom Gelato

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We bring your favorite Grom Gelato to you so you can stay at home!

Pint: 460 mL

About Grom Gelato

We've been searching out the very best that agriculture can offer since 2002, following simple but strict principles: only fruit harvested when fully ripened from Italy's best farmers; no use of colouring agents, aromas or emulsifiers. This is how gelato "the way it used to be" came into being.

A dream we've had for some time has finally come true: make real gelateria gelato available outside a gelateria. Is it possible to make a pre-packed gelato using the best possible ingredients without adding aromas, colouring agents or emulsifiers? Of course it is, it just depends how badly you want to! We researched, experimented and - let's face it - made some mistakes, but in the end we managed to put pure, authentic Grom gelato in a tub.

Flavor Description

Cioccolato Put one of the best varieties of chocolate in the world together with fresh milk and white cane sugar and you get a full and lasting chocolate sensation. Just one thing - be wary of chocolate that's too dark, often the result of adding Africa black cocoa powder, more aggressive and less aromatic than the refined-tasting cocoa of Central and South America.
Crema Di Grom Our signature flavour comes about from the meeting between Guido's passion for the highest quality raw materials and Federico's weakness for the most mouth-watering flavours. And so voilà: pastry cream, Venezuela chocolate chips and Grom meliga biscuits. The Grom flavour!
Pistacchio "The best pistachio gelato you'll ever taste" wrote Carlo Petrini, founder of the Slow Food movement, when he tried it for the first time. There's no secret to this great classic Italian gelato - just select pistachios of different origins and at different stages of maturity and balance them with care. Enjoy the hints of crunchiness that make this gelato flavour so unique.

One of the most traditional Italian gelato flavours, simple yet ingenious: fiordilatte and chocolate chips. To give our customers the pleasant tactile sensation of crunchy chocolate, we filter the chopped chocolate through a large-mesh sieve in order to get only the largest pieces (6 mm diameter!). We use Ecuadorian chocolate because it is strong and robust and so just right for a true love match with Fiordilatte.

Ingredients and Allergen Information

Flavor Ingredients Allergens
Cioccolato Chocolate Gelato (high quality whole milk, cream, cane sugar, dextrose, Ecuador dark chocolate 5.7% (cocoa min. 70%: Ecuador cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter), cocoa powder, egg yolk, milk protein, thickener: locust bean gum).
May contain nuts and soya. Gluten free.
Crema Di Grom Custard-style gelato 89.2% (high quality whole milk, cream, concentrated milk (milk, sugar) egg yolk (12%), cane sugar, dextrose, milk protein, thickener: locust bean gum), meliga biscuits 7.4% (corn flour (33%), butter, cane sugar, eggs, rice flour, honey, salt, lemon peel, vanilla beans), Venezuela chocolate chips 3.4% (cocoa min 60%: Venezuelan cocoa paste, sugar, cocoa butter). May contain nuts and soya. Gluten free.
Pistacchio Pistachio gelato (high quality whole milk, cane sugar, 12.7% Pistachio paste, cream, egg yolk, dextrose, milk protein, salt, thickener: locust bean gum). May contain other nuts. Gluten free.
Straciatella Fiordilatte gelato 90.9%, (high quality whole milk (44%), cream (27%), concentrated milk (milk, sugar), dextrose, cane sugar, milk protein, thickener: locust bean gum, vanilla beans), Ecuador chocolate chips 9.1% (cocoa min 60%: Ecuador Arriba cocoa paste, sugar, cocoa butter).

 May contain eggs, nut, soya. Gluten free.