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Carmen's Best Ice Cream

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We bring your favorite Carmen's Best Ice Cream fast and frozen right at your doorstep!

Pint: net content 440 mL

About Carmen's Best Ice Cream

Taste the difference of Carmen's Best's award-winning ice cream. Their homemade mix sets them apart from all other ice cream brands. Their ice cream is proudly created using fresh milk and cream from their very own dairy farm, Real Fresh Dairy Farms, Inc.

Flavor Description

Brazilian Coffee This was one of our first four flavours we launches in February of 2011. I made this flavour as it was my gauge against Haagen Dazs as my favourite ice cream flavour with Haagen Dazs was their coffee ice cream. Mine had to taste better…. and we succeeded! 
Brown Butter Almond Brittle This ice cream is my favourite flavour of Jeni’s Ice Cream from Ohio. Some of her staff were my classmates in the 2013 Penn State Ice Cream Short Course. We make the almond brittle at home, the way we feel it should taste.
Butter Pecan Growing up in Houston, this was my favourite ice cream flavour. I’d always buy a half gallon of Butter Pecan ice cream on a Friday and pretty much finish it before the weekend ends.
Coffee Almond Fudge One of the best selling flavours of Baskin Robbins, or 31 flavours, this is also one of our better selling ice cream. It has whole almonds and our specially made fudge as a ripple.
Cookies and Cream A fan favorite for all ages
Cookie Dough Blend of delicious cookie ingredients.
Dark Chocolate We use the finest Swiss coco powder for this flavor. For those who enjoy dark chocolate, this is a must!
Green Tea We use authentic Japanese green tea. If you go ga-ga for green tea, you have to try ours.
He's Not Worth It I came to a conclusion that many women would eat our ice cream when they felt “bad”… emotionally. I just wanted to make a fun flavour and called it “He’s Not Worth It”.
Hokey Pokey Vanilla based ice cream with honeycomb candy
Madagascar Vanilla This is how vanilla ice cream should be made, using vanilla bean pods.
Malted Milk This flavour uses Horlicks and Maltesers. One of our top four selling flavours.
Pistachio Almond Fudge The best made even better
Rocky Road This rich chocolate ice cream, loaded with marshmallows and nuts is one of my favorite flavors.
Salted Caramel This flavour set us apart from the market. It showed people that we will only give you the best ice cream we can possibly make. The pure rich taste that is not confused with inclusions.
Strawberry A delectable take on a fan favorite