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Manila Creamery Gelato

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We bring your favorite Manila Creamery Gelato fast and frozen right at your doorstep!

Pint:  473 mL

About Manila Creamery Gelato

Our gelato is crafted through a dedicated process that focuses on intensive research and whole, thoughtfully sourced ingredients. Authentic and packed with flavor, made the Manila way.

Our gelato is infused with a modern twist. We bring together classic flavors and the best of local fare—like suman, tablea cake, and even tinutong na kanin—to create one-of-a-kind, adventurous gelato with truly Pinoy DNA.

We use a slow churning technique to produce a dense gelato with as little air as possible, to ensure that you enjoy our unique and innovative flavors as authentically as possible—perfectly made the Manila way. 

Flavor Description

Flavor Description Dairy Eggs Nuts Non-dairy

Blood Orange Negroni Sorbet

Blood orange sorbet infused with bold flavors of a classic Negroni (combination of dry vermouth, campari, and gin)

*non-dairy, contains alcohol

Brown Butter Polvoron

A delightful sweet polvoron gelato base churned with brown butter for combination of creamy and toasted flavor

Lemon Yakult Crunch Sorbet

Yakult sherbet churned with lemon curd, topped with cornflake oat crumble.

Sweet Corn Crumble

Sweet and buttery corn gelato base with tart raspberry swirl, and another layer of surprise: crumbled Tomi sweet corn chips

Tahoney Sorbet

Taho sorbet with a soy and coconut milk base with subtle sweetness from honeycomb and chewy homemade tapioca pearls


Black Sesame Roasted black sesame gelato x      
Blueberry Cheesecake Cream cheese gelato with blueberry jam and crushed graham x      
Cereal Milk Cereal milk gelato with cornflake brittle x x    
Chocnut Crumble Peanut and chocolate gelato with hazelnut crumble x   x  
Choco Mint Chip Peppermint gelato with dark chocolate chip x      
Cookies and Cream Milk gelato with crushed Oreos x      
Coffee Crumble Coffee gelato with chocolate brittle x x    
Davao Chocolate Malagos dark chocolate gelato  x      
Dragonfruit Kiwi  Purple dragonfruit and golden kiwi sorbet       x
Hazelnut  Hazelnut gelato made with nuts from Italy x   x  
Madagascar Vanilla Classic gelato made from Madagascar vanilla beans x      
Malted Milk Malted milk gelato with crushed Maltesers x      
Mangga't Suman Sticky rice gelato with latik and Philippine mangoes x      
Mango Classic gelato made from fresh Philippine mangoes x      
Matcha Grade A Japanese matcha gelato x      
Peacha Pie Peach mango pie sorbet with otap       x
Peanut Butter Oreo Peanut butter gelato with crushed Oreos and roasted whicte choco ganche x   x  
Pistachio Pistachio gelato made with nuts from Italy x   x  
Roasted Milk and Cookies Roasted milk gelato with crushed chocolate chip cookies x x    
Salted Egg Cheesecake Cream cheese gelato with salted egg caramel and crushed graham x x    
Strawberry Crunch Strawberries and cream gelato with cornflake crunch x      
Tablea Lava Cake Dark chocolate gelato with tablea cake and chocolate hazelnut ganache x x x  
Tinutong na Kanin Burnt rice gelato x      
Ube  Ube halaya gelato x