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Tonitto Italian Ice Cream

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We bring your favorite Tonitto Italian ice cream to you so you can stay at home!

Pint: 500 mL / 275 g

Gran Coppa Famiglia : 2,000 mL / 1,000 g

About Tonitto Italian Ice Cream

Founded in 1939, Tonitto’s ice creams & sorbets, made with first-quality ingredients of which Italian origin is guaranteed, are produced following the classical recipe and according to criterions of high quality that have been worth to achieve the BRC and IFS Certifications, without denying though their artisanship aspiration. No GMO, no hydrogenated fats, no artificial colours.

Flavor Description

Flavor Description
Gran Coppa Famiglia (Grand Family Cup)

It is the genuine Italian ice cream, able to satisfy everyone thanks to its packaging that can contain up to four variations of ice cream.

Nocciola, Torrone, Crema, Cioccolato

Hazelnut, Nougat, Cream, Chocolate

Tartufo, Caffe, Fiordilatte, Caramello

Truffle, Coffee, Fiordilatte, Caramel

 Nocciolata, Tiramisu, Crema, Straciatella

Hazelnut, Tiramisu, Cream, Stracciatella


100% vegan because "dairy free", but 100% true taste of Italian ice cream. The perfect choice for those who follow a "plant based" diet because it does not contain proteins of animal origin, gluten, unsaturated fats and GMOs. It is a vegan product and is the first ice cream on the market to be allergen-free.

Variegated Cocoa A great classic among Italian desserts prepared with a completely vegetable recipe. Prepared based on oats, greedy because cocoa, GMO-free and gluten-free, therefore also ideal for those who are intolerant.
Coffee & Caramel The new Gelato Gaia Coffee &Caramel will amaze you with its creaminess and intense flavor. For true lovers of taste, Vegan by birth, good by nature.
Il Sorbetto

The Sorbet is the Number 1 in Italy, chosen by those who are attentive to the naturalness of the ingredients. Prepared according to the classic Italian recipe, without milk and derivatives, with a selection of fruit, traced and controlled along the entire supply chain. Creamed slowly, The Sorbet has a soft and velvety texture; its rich taste is the natural one of fruit. The Sorbet is also good for the environment: it does not contain preservatives or GMOs and the packaging is made of recycled R-Pet plastic, and recyclable.

Lampone (Raspberry)

Red like passion, fresh and unmistakable: the unique characteristics of this triumph of authentic fresh fruit.

Limone (Lemon) The fruit of choice for the sorbet: lemon, a precious source of vitamin C, with its natural sweetness and refreshing acidity, makes the Sorbet the most appreciated after meal.
Mirtillo & More (Blueberry & Blackberries) An intense flavor: the taste and properties of dark berries, unaltered, are always synonymous with delight and well-being.
Linea (No Sugar Added) Without added sugars, sweetened with Stevia extracts and free of saturated fats, it is dedicated to those who do not want to give up the taste of good Italian ice cream while being attentive to the diet.
Crema Tonitto 1939 (Cream) Let yourself be enveloped by the gluttony of Linea cream ice cream. It is without added sugars and without hydrogenated fats.
Fiordilatte Variegato Cacao (Fiordilatte and Cocoa) Fiordilatte and cocoa: a greedy combination, but measured, because without added sugars and without hydrogenated fats.
Fiordilatte Variegato Amarena (Fiordilatte and Black Cherry) Fiordilatte and black cherry: a delicious meeting that you can allow yourself because without added sugars and without hydrogenated fats.

It is the gourmand ice cream par excellence, capable of satisfying the most demanding palates. Prepared with Altromercato cocoa and fair trade sugar, Origini's exclusive recipes expertly combine raw materials from Single Origin for a truly unique taste exploration. Even better because without preservatives and GMOs.

Cashew Nuts Vietnam

Chocolate with Cashews - The creamiest chocolate ice cream marries the crunchiness of Vietnamese cashews, and creates an extraordinarily indispensable combination of taste.

Caramel High Himalaya

Caramel with pink salt - Dedicated to those who dare with taste: caramel & pink Himalaya salt, an authentic delight for very demanding palates.

Dark Choco Togo

Chocolate, Lemon and Ginger - Dark chocolate from Togo meets the freshness of lemon and the spicy scent of ginger: a contrast of flavors close to the origins of pleasure.


YO-YO is the yogurt ice cream that all yogurt lovers are looking for. Because it's fresh like ice cream, creamy like yogurt. Based on yogurt and natural raw materials, it is the right choice for those who follow a healthy lifestyle, for a characteristic pleasure to be enjoyed even at the end of a meal, as a dessert. Without preservatives and GMOs.

Yogurt Blanco

White Yogurt - The unmistakable taste of Greek yogurt for the new YO-YO white yogurt ice cream. Even fresher in purity.

 Yogurt Nocciola

Yogurt and Hazelnut - Let yourself be enveloped by the creaminess of Yogurt and the unmistakable flavor of hazelnuts. 

 Yogurt Lampone

 Yogurt and Raspberry - The unmistakable flavor of Gelato Yogurt and Raspberry: a delicious combination, an explosion of taste and fresh creaminess.